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HvGG students attain high scores at Cambridge Advanced Exam!

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HvGG students attain high scores at Cambridge Advanced Exam!

The CAE club likes to congratulate its members Miriam Dammasch and Hendrik Schoffro for their outstanding effort and achievement. While Hendrik gained the prestigious 'advanced' level at C1 with nearly 200 points by a comfortable margin, Miriam once again exceeded all expectations.
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With high scores in Reading and Use of English, Listening and Speaking and very good writing skills she not only passed the C1 level aimed at in the CAE exam but got an overall Certificate of Proficiency at the C2 level. One may as well say the peak of perfection. Grading is going to be difficult for her poor English teacher.

Special congrats also go to Josie Miklitzka, who successfully passed the Cambridge Exam at B2 level (Cambridge First). This is the equivalent to the level aimed at in the English Grundkurs Abitur examinations. As a fromer student of the Heinrich von Gagern who had opted for Greek and Latin and dropped English after grade 10, she needed this door opener for her career. It was great to have her around in our prep classes and her achievement may well be a motivation for all those who fancy Greek and Latin but are afraid of missing out on English as a regular subject.

After months of preparation the students were tested in all four language skills, viz. Reading and Use of English, Listening, Writing and Speaking. The exam started at 8 o' clock in the morning and lasted until 3.30 in the afternoon. A long Saturday indeed, but just as much an exciting experience with new students on a very competitive level.
The Certificate in Advanced English is a high quality, internationally respected English language qualification which is accepted by over 15,000 universities, employers and governments around the world. Thus, the target level C1 of the common European reference frame is taken very seriously and the exam by no means a simple no-brainer. Only in rare exceptions like this one the CAE even allows for the highest level of proficiency on the C2 level.

If you are interested in our CAE club, join us Wednesdays, 11th and 12th period in A15!
Remember: taking the exam is not mandatory and lessons are designed to help Oberstufe- students at all language levels.


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