As Debating season comes to an end Cambridge English is about to start

Our senior debaters faced tough opposition in the final rounds of this year’s debating season: Stuttgart American High School and Internatsschule Schloss Hansenberg. The first having the advantage of being native speakers, the latter renowned for academic excellence.

The motion for the prepared debate read:
This House would stop efforts to preserve and revitalize endangered languages. (Opposition)

The motion for the impromptu debate read:
This House believes that all state funding of art should be given to artists from a historically disenfranchised and marginalized group. (Opposition)

We have to admit that having to learn and trying to revitalize two endangered languages in our day to day school life might have given us the edge in the first one. But be that as it may, we were proud to win unanimously against an all American team with all three ballots on our side.

The second debate looked promising at first but particularly one speaker of team Hansenberg made the difference  – unfortunately also on the score board. The debate itself was a great educational experience and we enjoyed it very much as Team Hansenberg showed such outstanding sportsmanship despite the heat which sometimes emerges during such debates.

A special thanks goes to the Schulelternbeirat who supported our trip to Würzburg for the final rounds! Your help is much appreciated!

Getting ready for action
Talk back to other debater: Tackling a point of informtion
We beg to oppose!

With the debating season being over students can now join the prep classes for the Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English! Lessons will take place Wednesdays, 7th and 8th period in A15.

Make sure taking the actual exam is no precondition for joining the club. Just come and join us if you love English and want to improve your skills!

Cambridge English Advanced (CAE) is an in-depth, high level exam designed to give learners the English skills they need for success in study and work.

The certificate itself opens up a world of opportunities as it is accepted by over 3,000 organisations, including many of the world’s top educational institutions and employers (for a full list see

For students at the HvGG it might prove especially useful as it is a new approach to learning English with language skills at its centre.

It aims at the advanced level C1 of the Common European Framework for Reference, but students can also acquire the C2 level – as proven by our latest outperformer and top debater Mira Lange – Congrats!

Text: Georg Probst